Arizona Part III

We started this leg happy. Happy to have seen our friends, happy to have the water leak fixed, happy to be on the road. Well, almost. I noticed that our thermostat was not turning on the heater as it should. So it was a short stop at a Home Depot to pick one up. It is hard to find a simple, heat-only, manual thermostat now. They had one though.

We called an RV park in Bisbee and they had a spot available for 3 nights so we took it and headed south(east) alas it was on an Interstate. We didn’t stay on I-90 for too long, we saw Colossal Cave Mountain Park. We are always up for doing some caving so we went.

The cave is not active so it makes it a bit warmer and drier than the others. There was a lot of climbing up and down, uneven ground, all in all it had what makes caving fun. There were many stories, one being where some stage robbers holed up in the cave for quite a while. The local justice of the peace camped out at the entrance and waited them out. However they went out another opening. It was a fun side trip. The most exciting part was parking the trailer. The entrance to the cave is at the top of a hill. The hill is nothing that we have not pulled with trailer but the separate down road had a sharp corner that would have been very difficult to negotiate. So there was a “widish” spot on the access road where we were supposed to park. So we did, but it was fun to turn around in that spot, a few back and fills.

So we continued on the journey. I am the kind of person that does not like to backtrack. I would much prefer to take one route to the destination and a different one back. I was about to attempt this. We headed south on SR83 to Sonoita. Follow along on the map below.

[googleMap directions_to=”false”]Sonoita, AZ[/googleMap]

We went east on SR82 to SR90 and southbound. We skirted around Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca and continued east on SR90. There is some really beautiful and desolate areas through those routes. We joined up with SR80 southbound to Bisbee. Our destination was the Shady Dell RV park! More about Bisbee and underground escapades next…

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  1. Thanks. We did enjoy it. This is from a trip we took last February. I am not as good as updating my blog as you are. I truly enjoy reading yours and someday we all might be in the same place and can meet each other.

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