Yes, there still is a pulse…

It has been a while since any updates here.  If you are reading this, thanks!  I am not sure how many really do.  I have a couple of trips to post but have been remiss.  One to Moss Landing and one to Oakhurst.  There might be another there and I just can't remember it.

We WILL, however be leaving the day after tomorrow to stay 4 nights in Death Valley.  We are going to meet our friends, the Chens, there.  It will be nice, as always, to get away.  The last time we were in Death Valley, it was COLD and WINDY!  We hope it will be a bit nicer this time.  I get to try out my new AGM batteries, LED lights, Mr. Heater Buddy and all those fun dry camping things.

I will get a report out when we return.

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