A few days in San Francisco

We hadn’t seen our daughter for a while, she lives in San Francisco, so we thought we would take a trip over there to visit. テあWe wanted to take the trailer so the options were limited. テあThe RV park in Pacifica might be in the ocean currently as they were suffering a large erosion of the cliff they are perched on. テあThere is an RV/mobilehome park in South San Francisco that we have never stayed at. テあThere is also an RV park right next to Candlestick park but it is near a pretty seedy neighborhood. テあWhat to do? テあWe called upon a site from our history. テあAnthony Chabot campground in the East Bay hills north of Castro Valley.

The campground has a few negatives but the positives are pretty nice. テあOne negative is you have to be back to the campground at 10PM or you are locked out. テあAnother is the road to the campground is really long and curvy. テあHowever, you ARE close to the populous cities but it does not feel like it. テあYou are up in the hills in a eucalyptus grove. テあThere are only 12 full hookup sites and it is very hilly. テあThat is where one of the other negatives came into play. テあBut more about that later.

We were happy to get out of the central valley and the heat. テあThe previous days were over 100 and pushing 110. テあThe forecast for Castro Valley was high 60′s to low 70′s. テあAs we started out all was going good but the truck seemed a bit sluggish with the trailer attached. テあUsually the truck will get going pretty good from a stop but not so now. テあWe pulled off of I5 around the Westley area. テあWhen I got back on the onramp was uphill. テあThe truck had an issue doing so and was belching out a goodly amount of black smoke. テあThis is not normal. テあIt also started huffing when you would hear a thump under the hood and then a large puff of exhaust. テあNeedless to say I did not like this but I had seen it before.

Now that I know what it is I can rest a bit, well sort of. テあWe still had a few hills to get over before we made it there. テあOne was the Altamont pass and the other was between Dublin and Castro Valley. テあThe Altamont went pretty good. テあI found that if I did not go higher than 2000RPM I would do OK. テあI was able to do so on this pass and we made it over. テあHowever the next pass was different. テあI could not get a running start on this one and near the top I had to downshift out of overdrive which started the huffing. テあLuckily we didn’t have to go too far huffing along.

Once we got to the campground we found the hills. テあI reserved this spot specifically but I could not tell the terrain. テあThe spot was on a downhill road and at a 90 degree to the road. テあHere is a picture that does NOT show the grade:

Chabot 01

Pretty nice spot. テあLet’s look at the other side:

Chabot 02

Ah, there’s the slope. テあStill doesn’t look too bad. テあNext shot:

Chabot 03

This is taken down the hill where I had to back in from. テあI started backing in and my rear wheel started spinning on the asphalt and my other was on the dirt. テあI was not getting anywhere. テあIt might have been because of the engine running rough also. テあAnyway I put the truck in 4wd and tried again. テあI had to get up some speed and crank the angle pretty tight but I got it in. テあWe hooked up the hookups, Roxie is getting very good at this, disconnected the truck and met our daughter at the BART station (two days earlier BART had agreed to stop the strike for 30 days). テあShe spent the night with us in the trailer. テあIt has been a LONG time since she did that last.

The next day I had a mission. テあI needed to get my diesel filter replaced. テあI started out at a JiffyLube (why not, it worked before) after dropping off Roxie and Hannah at a shopping mall. テあThe guy flatly said they don’t do it here. テあI called a SpeedeeLube and they said, “Sure we do it!”. テあWhen I got there the tech said they did not and the management did not know what they were saying. テあHowever they recommended me to a tire/service location. テあI was able to get it replaced there and 2-3 hours later the truck was running good again.

I picked up Roxie and Hannah and we did some errands then headed into the city. テあDriving my truck in San Francisco is a real experience. テあIf you just take it slow and deliberate you are good. テあ However, people usually give you room if you start moving into their lane. テあThe rest of the days were filled with driving places, parking, shopping, eating, all the fun boring stuff.

Wednesday eventually came and it was time to go home. テあI was a bit concerned about the road out of the camp area. テあIt was curvy and steep. テあI have a video that I took. テあI have kept the commentary in it also so enjoy:

On the way home we stopped at Toscano’s RV to get the hinge on our stove covered fixed under warranty. テあThen the long drive home.

We wanted to take a short trip before we are off on our long one to Alumafandango in early August.

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