Alumafandango trip – Days 16 & 17

As I write this we are home. Thus begins the unpacking, cleaning, etc. cycle. Since most of the last three days were travel related, the information may not be very exciting but here goes.

We left the Boomtown KOA and headed westbound on I80. I don’t think I have ever driven this stretch of road let alone with our trailer. The uphill was not bad to Donner pass as it was a short piece of long uphill. However the downhill into the central valley was a bit more. The warning sign stated 40 miles of downgrade! Ouch! However it was not as bad as advertised. There were stretches of 5-6% downgrades but they were relatively short.

We stopped at the first rest area on the downhill and it further provided evidence to my theory. The theory is that California puts its’ nicest rest areas as the first ones that travelers hit when they enter the state. Then they think ALL California rest areas are like that. Psstt. They aren’t.

We spent the night in Sacramento to visit Roxie’s sister for a bit.

The next day was the day everyone dreads in a vacation. The last one home. It was uneventful other than the temperature was over 100 after we left Stockton.

In summary, the trip was very good. It did prove that we can stay at length in this trailer. I am not sure we could do that in our old 25′. We will now anticipate the time when retirement comes (look on the right side of the blog to see the time).

I will probably have an addendum for the whole trip in a bit. This is after I see Roxie’s pictures and if I think of anything to say that I missed.

Thanks for reading the trip!

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