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I had seen the new 2017 F250’s a few months ago and thought that would be nice to start retirement with a nice new truck that would last well into that retirement.

In hindsight we do like the space in our current setup, crew cab (4-door) with a shortbed. But ideally I would really like to have a long bed for storage of all our ‘stuff’. However a crew cab with a long bed is REALLY long! The best compromise is an extended cab with a long bed. We really won’t need the space for extra people in the truck on the road but we could use another 1.5 feet in the bed.

So why not get a new one, find the combination you want? That setup is very hard to find. Crew cab short beds are a dime a dozen (well a bit more expensive than that). The other option? Order it.

We did.

Here is what is on order:

vehicle1 vehicle2

Ordered on 6/28. Got a VIN and it should be built on 8/22.

Should be fun!

Anyone want to buy a gently used 2013 F250 with just over 30K miles?

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