It’s here!!

As you may know, I ordered a new 2017 F250 as our new tow vehicle. We had the 2013 that we needed to get rid of and were half-heartedly trying to do as I didn’t want to be without a way to pull/move the trailer.

We had no real bites on it but now that we were back from the last planned trip we could attack the sale head on. However, the dealership said that they would buy it from us. But for how much? To add a bit more interest to all this my DMV renewal was coming up on Friday 9/30.

I talked to the dealership and told me what they would buy it for. Wow! It was exactly the amount I wanted! They also were willing to make the entire deal before the new truck came in AND before my tags were due!

We did the deal on the 29th and I spent a weekend without a truck. A weird feeling. Then I got the call on Tuesday that my truck was in. I went down and looked it over, I gave them a check and they gave me the keys.

I had to order a new shank since the tail end was higher than the old one so I had to wait for that. We also did a 7 day trip to Arizona to get it broken in.

Here are a couple of shots with the trailer:

Now I am waiting for my shell…

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