Solar Install (Part 2)

This is the next installment on our solar install.

I have put in insulation in the void behind the battery doors and one of the next steps is to caulk the battery doors themselves to make them a bit more water tight.

Before I physically put in the battery pack I had to clean up some wiring first. Here is what it was:

I moved and reoriented everything on the front wall:

Here are things all cleaned up before putting the couch back in. The wires on the left are the solar wires Airstream provided but were not large enough for what I wanted to do. I moved the inverter to the right side and out of the way.

The couch fits just fine and I have more room to put back the subwoofer if I get to that.

Now I have to get the wiring from the couch back to the refrigerator area. The wiring consists of 2 2Ga wires, an RJ11 connector to drive the IPNPro status device and a battery temperature cable. These have to be run along the outside edge of the floor, under the dinette and into the refrigerator box. The controller box is destined for the refrigerator box.

It has been a lot of floor work recently and that is a bit difficult since I still have 1 rib that isn’t quite right. However, everything has been going along according to plan, for now. Part 3 is next.

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