Surrealness abounds!

To catch you up on our story…

I retired the end of last year and our plans are to get the heck out of the state of California. I am a native born Californian and I cannot stand how this state has changed. We are going to create a domicile in Texas (initially) and will head there first to register the trailer and get drivers licenses. Therefore we are prepping our house, truck, and trailer for this transition.

This is Thursday night and our launch date is this Sunday and it is getting really weird around here! We have just removed our bed from the bedroom and will sleep in the trailer for the next 3 nights. The bedroom has the headboard, footboard and 2 end tables. Previously we have moved our armoire, dresser, and chest into our small bedroom. We are ‘renting’ a climate controlled storage from our son who is renting the entire house from us. We have a pantry and a few kitchen things to go through.

Roxie has gone through her clothes, as have I, and she leads the race, 2 bins to 1! It is very weird to go through all of your things and determine its disposition (discard/donate, store at home, take along). We have gotten rid of numerous items throughout the house, we are lightening up!

Now we just have to now load things into the trailer and the truck. That should easily take Friday and Saturday.

I have tried to organize the items that are in the bins with a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet lists the contents with the bin ‘number’. I hope this makes it easier to find.

Today I went back to my old office for a visit as a coworker also decided to retire and they had his ceremony. It was a good time to say goodbye to people there.

Although things are surreal now, I think they are going to get moreso.

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