Houston, we’ve had a problem here…

Those famous words were uttered during the Apollo 13 flight. However, we have not quite ‘flown’ yet.

We moved our mattress out of our master bedroom on Thursday night. We returned the mattress to Costco (another story). That meant we needed to stay out in the trailer from now on. OK with me!

When I got out there in the evening I turned on the refrigerator to allow it time to cool down for Sunday evening launch. But it would not come on! No lights, nothing. Oddly I was able to sleep just fine as I knew I couldn’t do anything that night.

The next morning I ran through a bunch of troubleshooting and determined it was either the circuit board or the control board. I went to the local RV repair and talked to the head technician. He stated that he hasn’t replaced a control board in about 5 years but replaces a circuit board every 2-3 months or so. That was enough for me and had them order the circuit board for me. It should be here Monday. Now it very well could be the control board but I will replace that anyway.

Therefore, I will put the part in on Monday. If it starts cooling we will wait and leave on Tuesday. If it does not work we will order the other part, have it delivered to my mother’s house and take off with no refrigerator.

I will keep all of you posted…

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