The weirdness continues…

We left Brady in the AM. Roxie had a hard time sleeping since it was a public park and there were people driving around late into the night. A local PD even pulled one over in the park. Me? I slept hard as ever. Before we left we had to figure out where we were going. That was a hard task. How long were we going to stay and where? We finally found a park on the outskirts of Austin and had them hold a spot.

Roxie continued to research and found a place that was getting 5 stars on all reviews and was not in Austin. Actually about 50 miles away in the hill country. It sounded really nice so we called. They said they had 3 spots available. The thing about this park is that they are monthly only. We discussed it and thought we might as well stay for at least one month. We have to register the trailer, truck, get driver’s licenses, get connected with doctors and the such. We went to take a look. It is the Coldwater Creek RV park.

We met in the office, got a map and looked at the three spots. The park is not lush but this is Texas. The park is decent and we found a spot that would work. We took it and signed up for a month. So we are here for at least a month. Maybe more if I decide to go ahead with my shoulder surgery. Here are some pictures:

The monthly rate is very reasonable but we have to pay our electric usage.

Austin’s motto is “Keep Austin weird”. We haven’t even made it to Austin and things are weird already for us. I got used to years of living in a house, used to traveling in the Airstream and many trips. Now, this is a very new part and weird. Living in the Airstream for an extended time. This is the weird part. Something I have not done since I was 11 and my parents purchased the KOA in Redding. We lived (3 of us) in our 25′ Airstream for 6 months.

It just feels weird right now because we have not done it before. But that means when we decided to do it somewhere else in the future it will feel normal. Maybe some of the Austin weirdness has just rubbed off on us a bit early.

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