We have now been in Marble Falls 1 week. 3 more to go. A lot of Borg-like activity has taken place.

One of the major items we needed to do was to get Roxie established with a pain doctor in Austin. We took care of that yesterday. The meeting went very well and he is willing to do whatever she needs to help her out. Check box one of assimilation.

Not only does every Texas town seem to have a Dairy Queen and a Sonic but they have BBQ places. I would eat at one every day but luckily Roxie tempers that for me. But we still do hit them up. One here is town was pretty good: (Check)

Relaxing. I guess we are supposed to do that but we haven’t seemed to do much of that yet, but Roxie did find a swing a short distance from our site. Most Texas homes have such a swing, don’t they? (Check)

We are now experiencing some of the humidity that we have heard of. At night it is pretty cool with the windows open and the fans blowing. During the day it can get a bit warm but we haven’t used the AC yet (did I mention we have metered electricity?). Supposedly some T-Storms are coming this weekend. Texas weather – check.

At the end of January, our trailer registration expired. I opted to not pull the trailer anywhere and let it do so. It was almost $420 to renew. I was able to get a single trip permit to Texas for $20. My first priority was to get the trailer registered in the new state. Fortunately, since we had a rental agreement with our RV park we were able to register it in our local county (Brunet) and in the local satellite office. Very easy. $7 inspection, about $200 in fees ($90 of which is for being a new resident and we don’t pay that next year). In fact, it was so easy that I did the truck that same day. The difference between California and Texas for the truck was about $500! That is including the $90 that will go away. Good with me. Check.

The full assimilation will happen when we get our Driver’s Licenses. When you have an existing out of state license, you surrender it and you don’t have to take the written test. HOWEVER, you still need to prove who you are and your citizenship. The papers that we need should arrive Monday as we had to have our son get them together and mail them. Once we have them I guess we are full Borgs, I mean Texans. Yeeeeee Haaaa!

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