The first 100 days!

As with new presidents, there is always an update about their first 100 days. I thought I would give a 100-day update on our trip.

We achieved our 100th day at Rafter J-Bar ranch in Hill City, SD on 8/9/17. Here are some statistics:

  • Average nightly cost for RV parks and others: $22.14
  • Nights of free camping: 32
  • Most expensive: $70/night for a week at Cherry Hill, MD (Washington DC area)
  • Total trailer mileage: 6809
  • Total truck mileage: 11931
  • Average MPG for truck: 12.64
  • Best/Worst tank MPG: 17.24/10.26
  • Gallons of fuel used: 952
  • Average diesel cost: 2.45
  • Best/Worst diesel cost per gallon: 2.089/2.954
  • Number of new states in the trailer: 16


  • Cracker Barrel: 1
  • Cabela’s: 2
  • Free camping: 21
  • Government: 8
  • Independent RV park: 62
  • KOA: 2
  • Municipality: 4
  • WalMart: 9

Roxie and I have not killed each other on this trip either. I feel we are definitely learning about each other and what makes us tick. Roxie has not had an easy time of being with me 24/7 after numerous years of me going to work and giving her some ‘No Roger time’. She is to be commended.

Roxie is also getting much better with her mapping skills and finding our next stop.

We will be winding down this leg soon to get some downtime and make some repairs and changes to the trailer. But we will be back at it soon after that.

I have been very happy with the performance of the truck and trailer. No major problems on either as we start on the next 100 days.

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