Back to Eureka

We were able to spend a couple of weeks visiting our son at his house but Roxie’s cousin (Jim) ended up dying and we had to head back to Eureka for the funeral. We were also going to give Jim’s daughter, Angelique, support through this time and assist her in cleaning out a house that has accumulated around 40 years of ‘stuff’. We again stopped at the Sonoma County RV Fairgrounds park for the night.

We made it to Jim’s house around 5 pm and had to negotiate a difficult back in off the road through a narrowish opening. With assistance, it was relatively easy and we parked on the front lawn of the house. We have 15amp power, water and a sewer hookup with the septic cleanout. I have also hooked up cable TV there. We are planning on staying for almost a month to help out.

Here is a picture of Roxie, Jim’s daughter Angelique and Jim’s other daughter Tami:

As I write this we have completed 5 days of cleaning and took 2 runs to the dump and disposed of 2 tons! I know we have more to go.

We are unsure where we might be going after here, the weather has been good so far and that will dictate our future plans.

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