Rose Parade Rally Day 1

Ever since we went to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in 2009 we have talked about going to the Rose Parade rally. We finally decided to do it this year. There are plans for 29 trailers to be parked in a local school district parking lot. The parking was to start on Sunday at 10:30am and conclude at 4pm.

We could have driven down on Sunday and make the parking time but we decided to do something that we did before. We left around 5pm on Saturday and made it to Valencia/Santa Clarita/Stevenson Ranch (take your pick) and spent the night in the Camping World parking lot:

2014-12-27 20.57.23

It got down to below 40° that night but our Heater Buddy kept us warm. We slept in until 9:30! Unheard of for us. I guess it was being worn out from all the Christmas. We stopped at WalMart to get a few things and then headed out.

It is only around 40 miles to Pasadena so the drive was short and uneventful. About 1/2 of the trailers were there when we showed up and were parked. Here is a view of some of the trailers:


Urban dry camping at the best. This evening we got to meet a whole bunch of new people. It was a good start to the rally.

Black and Grey. Don’t confuse them!

Most modern RV’s have two sets of waste tanks. A grey one for all the semi-nasty waste water, from sinks and showers. The black tank holds all the real nasty stuff, from the toilet. One of the tasks that follows filling up the tanks is emptying them. There is a whole sequence to follow when emptying but you want to do it the right way. Do the black first and then you can use the grey to flush out the hose. Some times, at some locales, you can just dump the grey wherever you would like. BLM in Arizona was like that.

Since there are two dump tanks there are two dump valves and they are appropriately labeled but from my normal vantage point, this is what I see:

2014-09-07 17.28.03


Now if I bend over:

2014-09-07 17.28.08


Oh! There are the labels clearly marked as Black and Grey. Wait! No they aren’t. They are Main and Auxiliary (Wash)! Must be a better solution for me. Like this:


2014-09-07 17.41.46


Much better. Now I can tell what they are and without bending over! They came with double-stick tape but I had to rivet them…