Things change…

I am sure my voluminous amount of blog readers have noticed that my retirement countdown clock has changed. Some of you may even have your own version of this on your computer desktops, like I do, because you are SO worried about our retirement!

Some thinking has changed.

Our initial thinking was to retire as soon as I could from work and draw PERS retirement. This would be 55 years of age which will happen this year (7/21/2015). However to get the maximum health care benefits from my employer I had to be there for 30 years. This would make the retirement date at 8/26/2015. But to squeeze a bit more out of the retirement I should wait until the next quarter came around which then made the date 10/22/2015. This was my carrot for years.

As the post title says, Things change…

The current thinking is to push the retirement date back on year to 10/22/2016 and the countdown now shows it.

Why push it back? It will give us a bit more time to pay off some more debt to make retirement easier and more fun. It will allow me to retire at a higher dollar amount due to being a bit older, having another year of service and maybe a higher base salary if we get a decent COLA this next fiscal year.

But there is one other factor. I started working at my job in 1985. I am still working in the same building and on the same floor as then. Currently our office is in the middle of building a new location and I would like to see that project through and have some time in it. Here is a picture of the building at the time of the blog post (click on the picture to get the current view):



So we hope all this will work out. We will retire one of these days, with any luck it will be on the day the counter to the right of this page says!