Back to Cali (sigh)

We left Idaho after the eclipse, as most others did also. But I was hoping, that as we traveled to the next destination, which was close to the path, there would be some clearing of places to stay.

We left Idaho and entered Eastern Oregon. It initially was was nice as we were following a river, but once we left the river and turned south on US395 it turned very ugly. Barren, desolate, blah. We got a spot in Lakeview OR at the Juniper’s Reservoir RV Resort with a Passport America discount. It was a nice campground for the evening. The manager mentioned that they were completely full for the last week or so (eclipse) and tonight was their first break. It also rained on us that evening continuing the persistent rain we went through during this entire trip. In the almost 4 months we were on the road, about 15-20 days did not bring rain to us.

The next day we continued on to the coast stopping for a bit to visit with one of Roxie’s cousins in Klamath Falls OR. We had just joined Boondockers Welcome and lined up a spot for the night between Medford and Grants Pass. This was going to work out really well, at least we thought it was. As we came down the hills into Medford we could see the smoke from the fires on the Oregon coast:

This type of environment is not good for Roxie as she had a bout of Valley Fever and her lungs are still affected by it. We contacted our boondocking host and told him we were pushing on. We contacted an RV park in Cave Junction OR and pressed on.

The smoke was even WORSE in Cave Junction. We told the RV park that we could not handle the smoke and we pressed on again on highway 199 to Crescent City CA. We ended up at the Walmart that night with about 20 other RV’s and others.

The next morning we continued to Eureka to spend 5 nights and visit some of Roxie’s family. She has a cousin there that is on Hospice and is not doing well. I tried to make reservations at the RV park just in town but they were full. I had to take the old KOA and an electric and water spot. I thought it would be fine. It wasn’t. This is potentially the WORST campground I have ever stayed at. See my review. We struggled through the campground inadequacies and were able to visit. But we had to move on to get to our Aug 31 destination.

After Eureka we went a bit more than halfway and stayed at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa CA. This is a Passport America location and it is a very decent location. Great for a one night stay. Then on to South San Francisco to stay at our normal location for a week.

This is the reason to get back to California:

A one-year-old!

We were able to see Atlas, Hannah, and Lukas numerous times even though San Francisco was in the throes of an extreme heatwave!

After we were done there we headed to our son’s house to moochdock next to it. We will be hanging around his house for a while, take some trips around, visit other relatives for the holidays, make some repairs/modifications to the trailer and then we will hit it again after the first of the year, hopefully with better timing!

Coming back to California makes me realize why we left in the first place over 4 months ago. This state is nowhere near how I remember it back in my teens. Everything seemed so vibrant, fair and hopeful. I feel dread, inequity, and despair now when I come to California. Products are so much more expensive than other areas. Here is where I have paid the MOST for diesel fuel than 21 other states. Here seemingly everything is taxed. They even tax ice here! The roads are in such disrepair even though the road taxes are the highest anywhere! Money is spent on things that don’t help everyone (high-speed rail, etc.). It is a sad state of affairs and is only getting worse. I don’t want to be dragged down by it. I am very happy to have Texas as my residence and I am sure California does not miss me one bit!


And back again!

Right after we got back from visiting Hannah, Roxie had left shoulder surgery. She had had her right shoulder done in April when they removed some bone that was impinging her tendons and causing a lot of pain. Right after the April surgery the surgeon wanted her to start using her shoulder the day after, no sling. Fast forward to this surgery.

There was some bone removed on this one also, her left shoulder. Additionally, she had her biceps tendon cut and relocated! Ouch! This required extensive use of a sling since she was not allowed to lift ANYTHING with her left arm. Physical therapy was focused on mobility, not strength. She was also given a chair (Kinetec Centura shoulder CPM) to passively move her arm:


Just under one week after her surgery, we got a phone call from Hannah. Her water had broke and she was in labor! Well, this is a bit too early. Her due date was 11/18 and this is 8/30. Time to go back. Made hasty reservations at the same location to take the trailer. We left 8/31 in the AM but had to go to Fresno for Roxie’s one-week follow-up. The baby was born that morning around 6:15am. He was under 28 weeks.

Here is one of our stops at Casa de Fruta:


We made it to the bay area and up to the hospital in the early evening. We were able to see our first grandson and he was very tiny! Hannah and Lukas were doing as good as we could expect.

Here is a picture of Grandma with the baby:


We went to see them every day of the week we were there. We learned a lot about premature babies and how amazing the treatments and the hospital (Kaiser) is.

When we would get back to the trailer in the evening, Roxie would do her chair exercises (we took it with us). However, it was cold in the evening so this is all I saw:


I was able to move the chair into the trailer for the next nights to make it more comfortable for her.

We were happy to come over and be able to see Atlas Fox (yes, that is his first and middle name). We are very happy that he has come into this world, but he could have waited a bit more for his benefit.

As a small aside I was able to see a new 2017 F250 in person, remember I have one on order?


Obviously this post was not written during the time we were there so I will give an Atlas update as of today (11/15/16). There is a strong possibility that Atlas will be going home tomorrow, just 2 days before his actual due date and he is around 7lb. We are heading over there for an office related meeting but will be able to see them all!


Atlas Fox