Casini Days 6 & 7

Actually only part of day 6 was at Casini.  This was our day to leave and head down to Pacifica.  We headed over to 101 at Santa Rosa and headed south.  It was very foggy and drizzly, but I kind of like it like that.  One of the positives?

Golden Gate Bridge:

One of the negatives?  $12 for 4 axles!  Glad I don't have a triple axle.

We weaved through the Hwy 1 traffic through western SF.  That is a long thing to do.  We made it to the SF RV Resort and dropped the trailer.  We headed downtown to get Hannah and take her to dinner.  Hannah introduced us to Thai food.  We ate at Osha Thai.  I had the Volcano Beef:

Roxie had Shrimp Fried Rice:

Hannah had some plate that I don't remember:


The next day we took a short drive down Hwy 1 toward Half Moon Bay.  Roxie has been offered a new job and she had to get some information back and forth to her prospective employer.  That required 2 stops at different UPS stores.  However we did get to see some scenery and we stopped at a nice beach south of Pacifica.  I also got to see where they are building the tunnel and bridge to bypass the Devil's Slide.

We had Hannah hop on BART after her 3pm class and meet us in South San Francisco.  Since she got us going on Thai food the night before, we asked her if she was up to it again.  She agreed and we went to Original Thai BBQ.  This more mainstream Thai, I believe, instead of a more trendy Osha Thai.  I had the drunken noodles and I loved them!  I will now have to find them here somewhere.  We took Hannah back to her loft, said our goodbyes.  We went back to the trailer and watched "Fair Game".

The SF RV Resort is right on the bluffs of the ocean in Pacifica and we stayed there before.  However they have had a LOT more erosion since.  They had to move one of the walking paths due to this.  I don't know how much longer they will be able to be open.  About 20 more feet and the RV spots will be going in.  Here is a view of below the bluffs:


And from above:

Get there while you can!

Casini Day 5

We again awoke to high fog in the tall trees but the sun was on its way!  We talked with some more friends and then decided to go check out Armstrong Redwoods SNR.  It is a grove of Redwoods near to Guerneville.  I was surprised how small the parking lot was and it was packed!  We had to park down the road a bit.  We started out on the trails and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The trails were clear, soft and the whole area was very lush.

The ground was covered in most places with a clover like plant called Redwood Sorrel.  Well, I thought it was clover and started, naturally, looking for a 4 leaf clover.  I looked up the odds of finding one (1:20000) and thought in this area it was pretty good.  We were heading down one of the trails and I got ahead of Roxie so I sat down.  I was constantly looking for one so I looked next to where I was sitting and saw this:

4 leaves!

Here is a picture of Roxie taking a short break:

We only had our cell phones so that is what we are taking these pictures with.

After the walking/hiking, it was time for lunch.  I checked out Yelp and found boon.  We thought we would try it.  Not this was not the type of food we normally eat.  This was from some type of Food Network show, a bit foreign to us.  So we ordered their cheeseburger and truffle fries.  Both were excellent!  The food there is recommended. 

On our way to the park we saw a shop that had a vintage Airstream sticking out of the door.  We went back to look and got a thorough tour of the works in progress and there is a lot of work.  The name is Russian River Vintage Trailers if you are interested.

What do you do when you get back to your trailer after a busy, semi-strenuous day?  You take a nap.  That is what we did until Bob knocked on the door and invited us to dinner at 5:30.  We readily agreed and our new friends Ken and Shannon joined us also.  We ate, talked, laughed and froze our BUTTS off!  We would have liked to talk more but the blood circulation forced a retirement to our warm trailers.  Sleep came soon and then day 6!