Finally, some life!

Yes, it has been a while since I have posted or we have planned to go somewhere. Both are happening now!

We are going to Paso Robles this weekend with our WBCCI unit, and another one for a joint rally. It will be held at Wine Country RV. We are using this as a great excuse to get out with the trailer. We like Paso since it is pretty close to us and we are familiar with the town (lots to do). We also have not been out with our WBCCI unit for about 3 years and we can reconnect with some of them.

Just because we have not had the trailer out does not mean it has been quiet in our RV life. The tow vehicle, our F250, has given us some grief. You may remember the problems we had with it on our Albuquerque trip and the transmission issue. About 1 month after the trip the truck started surging at idle and it threw a code. The code was for an ICP (Injection Control Pressure) valve. As this was happening, I had the batteries run down to the point where it just had that clicking sound when starting. Once I got the batteries charged, the truck started running rough and threw another code!

Wow! Two at once! The code mentioned something about an injector had low pressure. I know that injector repairs are EXPENSIVE! I decided to attack the ICP problem first. A trip to Ford and about $200 later, that was fixed. But the truck still was running rough. I lived with it for a few more weeks. Now it was time to take it to a local diesel shop.

The first thing they saw was the batteries were very low and were not holding a good charge. Diesels are very hard on batteries, hence the reason for two in our truck. They need a minimum voltage to start correctly. These were having problems with voltage and they recommended I get them replaced. I still had 1 month left on the full Diehard replacement so I hauled them both to Sears.

Their tests concluded the batteries were fine, naturally. I tried to convey the information, from the diesel shop, that batteries in diesels are under a different set of requirements and the standard automobile load test is not pertinent. After a day or two of ‘discussion’ the Sears manager was willing to warranty replace one battery but I had to purchase the other outright. I can live with that.

I took the batteries back to the diesel shop. They installed them and started looking for the injector problem. It was gone, it cleared up after the new batteries were installed. We deduced that the fuel injection control module (FICM) is very susceptible to low voltage but once the fresh batteries were put in, it relearned its program. Fantastic! Plus the shop only charged me two hours for easily four hours of their time.

So was that it? No! Next I started hearing a squeal when the A/C compressor would kick in (defroster). I wasn’t sure if the belt was just slipping (preferable) or was the bearing going out on the compressor (oh no!). It turned out it was the belt tensioner. It was fixed in place and not movable, as it should be. Hurray, another repair! The tensioner’s are pretty pricey, about $180!! So we replaced the belt at the same time, it was due at 90K miles.

The truck seems to be running good now (knocking on wood – my head) so we will test it out on this trip.

Our extended warranty expired in August around the same time we paid the truck off. It seems that the truck knew the warranty expired. However all of these repairs did not reach what our payment used to be so we are still ahead of things. I am just curious if the people that determine these warranties are the same ones that make the actuarial tables for life insurance?

I will post about the rally after we are back, maybe even during.

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