I have been traveling in an Airstream for the vast majority of my life. I grew up in my parent’s Airstreams (they had 6 over the years). I was fortunate enough to see a lot of this country (~45 states and 1/2 of the provinces) from ground level. Now I am able to help my wife and family see the same things.

Around 2000 we purchased our first trailer. It was a flat sided white Nomad (we call them SOB’s [some other brand]). We took our first major trip, to the Grand Canyon, in that one.

One year after that my mother gave us their (last) Airstream. My father could no longer tow it. We were elated that they offered it to us! Some of the extended trips we have been on with this one are: Yellowstone, Canada (Banff and Jasper), Mexico (3x), Oregon coast, the WBCCI International Rally and the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. I will post about each trip in this blog and keep it up to date with any recent trips we take. I will also show any modifications that we have done and any problems we encounter.

In January 2013 we purchased a new Airstream to use during our retirement years. We gave the old one to our son so it is now a 3rd generation trailer.

You can see our countdown to retirement on most pages. Yes, we are excited for that.

A major reason to do this is to inform people about the Airstream life and traveling in general. But it is also to write down these memories before senility overtakes me.

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  1. Hi Roger,

    Love the Airstreams. I wrote a short story with an Airstream as a major setting, many years ago. Around Austin they also serve as roadside food stands.


  2. Love all the pictures and reading the stories of your adventures! Currently, we are in the process of selling most of our belongings and moving out of our house to go on the road full-time in early September. Will definitely be a regular around here! Happy travels! 🙂

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