40 degrees!

In the middle of August, Visalia easily hits 100+ degrees. The hottest it has been while we lived in Visalia has been around 110! Yet another reason to get out of here! So we did, for a week.

We had not seen our daughter since Christmas and she is currently pregnant so it is a good excuse for a visit. Plus the temperature difference was 40 degrees! Yes, it was around 60 where we were staying. We thought we would try a different RV park. We have stayed at the SF RV Resort (now severely limited due to the cliff eroding), Lake Chabot regional park (across the by and you have to be back in by 10pm), the Trailer Villa (Redwood City and a little distance away. I got reservations at the Treasure Island RV Park in South San Francisco. It is essentially a mobile home park with some overnight spaces. We reserved a week.

It was wonderful! The weather. This is our spot (notice the nice cool overcast!):


We got to visit with Hannah and, sometimes, her boyfriend Lukas. They are very excited about the current pregnancy and impending birth.

We did a few touristy sight-seeing things. The view from the Bernal Heights hiking trail:


The view of the Golden Gate from the Disney Family Museum:


We even drove down to San Jose to see the Winchester House:


It was a nice enjoyable cool trip that made it hard to go back to the heat.



I used to get all the rally information from the Airforums and their calendar. However things have changed a bit. Many more rallies are being announced and coordinated on Facebook. There are two primary groups that we follow, Southern California Airstreamers and Northern California Airstreamers. This rally was announced there.

It turned out to be a small rally and a good one for us due to its’ proximity to home. As an added benefit, our friends the Chen’s were able to make it also! It had been a while since we could camp with them and this time they had no kids with them. I am sure they missed kids but just a little…

We started out the trip with a present from our daughter:


Appropriate for Roxie as she loves the mountains. Me, I just pretty much love anywhere with the trailer.

We got there Thursday and were able to relax a bit. There were a few of the other Airstreamers there and the Chen’s were coming in a bit later on Thursday also. There were only about 12 Airstreams signed up for the rally and about 5-6 were there already. We visited a bit with them (George got a selfie-stick):


We all walked around the Calico Ghost Town on Friday. One of the benefits of staying at this campground is admission to the Ghost Town is included. Roxie and I had been there before but we were both very young, single digits young. But some jokes never get old (Roxie fell for this one):

IMG_5115 IMG_5116

Actually I fell for it also when I was young.

After the Calico walk we decided to go into Barstow to get some things and lunch. We ended up at some hole-in-the-wall Salvadorean restaurant, Cafe Las Pupusas. It was down in a residential area but very good. We got some fuel, propane, hit up the Walmart and went to the Outlet malls there. Later that evening we ended up eating at Peggy Sue’s Diner, fun and nostalgic.

Saturday was the day to go shooting. We went out in some back roads to find a secluded spot. There were numerous others shooting also but we did find a spot:


I also have some videos of Roxie and I shooting:

That evening was the normal Airstream pot luck. It was also a surprise baby shower for Cara and John. It was always nice to see the other ‘Streamers.

Sunday was the getaway day for most but not us. We were there until Monday. The Chen’s were going to leave on Sunday but since they lived so close they stayed around for a bit and we visited the Calico Cemetery:

IMG_0142 IMG_0180

Here is a shot of the Airstreams there:


Then us and the Chen’s:


On Monday, another rally was over and we headed home. Here is a shot of Franco’s trailer with the Calico mountain at sunset: