Three Rivers 2015

Three Rivers again. Year number 2 for this AirForums rally. We weren’t sure if we were going to make it but we were able to do it and snagged a full hookup spot at the end of the row. You can see last year’s description here. We pretty much did the same as last year without all the strenuous stuff and one day less. Here are some pics:






I did a panoramic here:


I also did a time lapse GoPro video of the potluck:


End of an Era – Part 2

I wrote about the “End of an Era” before. It was us transitioning to our then new Airstream and giving our then old one to our son.

The end I am talking about this time is our son selling his Airstream.

He didn’t have the time to travel in it and it was just sitting in a friends backyard. He put it on and eventually got a bite.

The person that was purchasing it was going to gut it and retrofit it to be a Cowgirl hair salon. That will be an interesting use for it but it should be fun. The company doing the remodel is AMRecon. They posted some pictures of the demolition here. The new owner said that they would put my mother and father’s name embroidered on the back of one of the chairs, “Charlie and Mary Smith”. I thought that was a nice touch.

Here is the trailer for the last time:

End of Era