Freeloading across 3 states

When we last left the story we were leaving Arizona or trying to. We traveled down 101loop to I10, taking I17 to skirt Phoenix as much as we could. We took off on US60 to the east of Phoenix and up into the hills. We were trying to avoid the 100+ degree heat we had in Sun City West. Our departure day was very cool and temperate. The plan was to make it just past Safford AZ and stay at the Hackle/Haekel/Haeckel BLM site. On the way, we passed through some very interesting roads, terrain and numerous mines. We ended up here for the night:

It was windy, cool, rain burst, big ants, spiders with reflective eyes, no one else and AT&T had 3 bars of LTE! Who could ask for more?

Back to the road, hoping for Alamogordo, NM. Yes, a new state!

We did make it to Alamogordo that night but the time changes really are messing with us. Here are two perspectives of our spot at WalMart:

Can’t stay still right now, we still have mileage to cover. Leaving Alamogordo we are heading for yet another state, Texas! We were able to head into the hills outside of Alamogordo where you have a climb from 4000 feet to 8500 in 16 miles. Truck did great. The downslope into eastern New Mexico was nice and gradual but extremely windy. Shortly outside of Hobbs, NM, here it was:

A few more hours of Texas driving to our destination for the night, Lamesa TX. The city has a spot for visitors in RVs that have electric and water and a dump station. No charge for the first 4 nights! Score!


Later that evening there was another rig that pulled up which makes Roxie feel safer. We talked to them the next AM and made some new friends of Bruce and Lori. We mentioned our trip next summer to Alaska so maybe we planted a seed there. We would love to have about 5 rigs going up together. With ANOTHER time change and our driving schedule, we didn’t get out until around 11:30! That’s OK. We made it to Brady TX around 5 pm and found another city park with RV spots. This one was $20/night however.

Tomorrow is Austin. We don’t know where we are going to stay, however. Time to figure that out.

Over 10 nights of camping we have averaged $10.91/night.

One week in

It is now the Monday after the Tuesday we left. I don’t think it has sunk in yet as our last week has been a week that we have done before.

We left California on Tuesday. We spent two nights in Kingman AZ (which we have done before). We then did some moochdocking at my mother’s house for 4 nights (which we have done before).

The refrigerator is now working great again so we stocked up on groceries yesterday and are leaving this AM.

This is where it really starts, then unknown. The one thing we know is that we are meandering toward Austin to get our trailer registered and get Texas licenses. We also need to get Roxie established with an MD or two.

The plan is to go about 200 miles today and stop around Safford AZ. But our plans can change, now.