And back again!

Right after we got back from visiting Hannah, Roxie had left shoulder surgery. She had had her right shoulder done in April when they removed some bone that was impinging her tendons and causing a lot of pain. Right after the April surgery the surgeon wanted her to start using her shoulder the day after, no sling. Fast forward to this surgery.

There was some bone removed on this one also, her left shoulder. Additionally, she had her biceps tendon cut and relocated! Ouch! This required extensive use of a sling since she was not allowed to lift ANYTHING with her left arm. Physical therapy was focused on mobility, not strength. She was also given a chair (Kinetec Centura shoulder CPM) to passively move her arm:


Just under one week after her surgery, we got a phone call from Hannah. Her water had broke and she was in labor! Well, this is a bit too early. Her due date was 11/18 and this is 8/30. Time to go back. Made hasty reservations at the same location to take the trailer. We left 8/31 in the AM but had to go to Fresno for Roxie’s one-week follow-up. The baby was born that morning around 6:15am. He was under 28 weeks.

Here is one of our stops at Casa de Fruta:


We made it to the bay area and up to the hospital in the early evening. We were able to see our first grandson and he was very tiny! Hannah and Lukas were doing as good as we could expect.

Here is a picture of Grandma with the baby:


We went to see them every day of the week we were there. We learned a lot about premature babies and how amazing the treatments and the hospital (Kaiser) is.

When we would get back to the trailer in the evening, Roxie would do her chair exercises (we took it with us). However, it was cold in the evening so this is all I saw:


I was able to move the chair into the trailer for the next nights to make it more comfortable for her.

We were happy to come over and be able to see Atlas Fox (yes, that is his first and middle name). We are very happy that he has come into this world, but he could have waited a bit more for his benefit.

As a small aside I was able to see a new 2017 F250 in person, remember I have one on order?


Obviously this post was not written during the time we were there so I will give an Atlas update as of today (11/15/16). There is a strong possibility that Atlas will be going home tomorrow, just 2 days before his actual due date and he is around 7lb. We are heading over there for an office related meeting but will be able to see them all!


Atlas Fox

40 degrees!

In the middle of August, Visalia easily hits 100+ degrees. The hottest it has been while we lived in Visalia has been around 110! Yet another reason to get out of here! So we did, for a week.

We had not seen our daughter since Christmas and she is currently pregnant so it is a good excuse for a visit. Plus the temperature difference was 40 degrees! Yes, it was around 60 where we were staying. We thought we would try a different RV park. We have stayed at the SF RV Resort (now severely limited due to the cliff eroding), Lake Chabot regional park (across the by and you have to be back in by 10pm), the Trailer Villa (Redwood City and a little distance away. I got reservations at the Treasure Island RV Park in South San Francisco. It is essentially a mobile home park with some overnight spaces. We reserved a week.

It was wonderful! The weather. This is our spot (notice the nice cool overcast!):


We got to visit with Hannah and, sometimes, her boyfriend Lukas. They are very excited about the current pregnancy and impending birth.

We did a few touristy sight-seeing things. The view from the Bernal Heights hiking trail:


The view of the Golden Gate from the Disney Family Museum:


We even drove down to San Jose to see the Winchester House:


It was a nice enjoyable cool trip that made it hard to go back to the heat.