I love numbers, as Roxie can attest. My current obsession, she says I have many OCD tendencies, are license plates with 3 consecutive duplicate digits (like 333). I can thank my dad for that. Ask me about it if you want to know.

This last trip, to the Rose Parade, triggered a few number oriented items for us.

The first one is that we hit 10000 miles with the trailer. I log every trip we take and I log where the trailer was towed. I keep a spreadsheet and do the mapping on Google Maps. Here is an example from Quartzsite to Van Nuys we did in August:


This is also how I get my mileage for the spreadsheet.

So that is 10K miles in 2 years. Here is a breakdown from the spreadsheet:


Now the mileages that I keep are all very close estimates. I don’t use the odometer (so who is OCD now?) as I cannot remember to reset it when I would need to.

More numbers.

When we got our first Airstream from my parents they were members of WBCCI. If you are a member you get assigned a number to put on your trailer so other WBCCI’rs can see it and look you up in the directory. Their number was 27380 and we were able to transfer it to us when we joined WBCCI, the first time. It was also easier than trying to take the numbers off!

There is another set of numbers that some AirForums users use. There was a minor upswelling in the community to have their own numbers. It was proposed to use BLUE numbers and your number would be your member number in AirForums.

I did an earlier blog post about the blue numbers here. We dropped out of WBCCI about 5 years ago but never took the old numbers off of the old trailer.

Prior to the Rose Parade rally I figured we could join WBCCI again and we did, joining the 4 Corners Unit. We could have got the old number again if I tried but why? The WBCCI policy used to be to issue sequential numbers and not reuse any. This has changed as they are now reissuing numbers that are higher than 1000. We got 1646. However, I mounted them in a different location:

Numbers1 Numbers2

This way if we ever drop out again we can remove them easily.

And, by the way, I saw a license plate the other day with 5(!) consecutive duplicate digits!! But that is another story…



Rose Parade Vacation Days 6, 7 & 8

Day 6.

The Rose Parade is over, we are at Desert Hot Springs staying at Sam’s Family Spa and RV Resort. THere are numerous other RV resorts here but most of them are over 55 (we aren’t there yet) so we have not investigated them fully yet. That is OK. Sam’s is nice, a bit pricey but you do get access to their hot pools.

We slept in as good as we could and hit the hot pools early in the day. After days of cold weather it was so wonderful to have every body part warm! I didn’t want to get out but knew I would be a prune soon. That afternoon we went into the Palm Springs area and did some bills! How exciting. I get paid once a month and it was time to do the bills whether at home or not. This was good practice for the future on the road. I have every bill but one setup to pay electronically.

After camping out at a Panera to do the bills we heading to watch a movie. We saw the last Hobbit movie (thankfully) in 3D and IMAX! Normally I don’t care for 3D movies as the director tries to overemphasize the 3D effects. However, this movie did not do so much of that it just used it as an added effect not the only one.

Back to the trailer where we had hookups and could heat it to our desire.

Day 7.

Even though we saw a movie yesterday, we did it again today! This was our portion of the vacation to relax and unwind. The WBCCI part was fun and very loosely scheduled but there still was a schedule. Here we didn’t have one, which was nice.

We went to see Unbroken. This is the movie that was based upon the life of Louis Zamparini, grand marshal of the parade. It was a good movie and very inspiring. When you feel like you are having a bad day, watch this movie.

We had a late lunch, shopped around a bit and then went back to see another movie! This time we saw Wild. It was a movie about a woman that went through a lot in her life and decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. We thought the movie would be another inspiring movie but it wasn’t quite what we thought. They could have told the same story without some of the more graphic elements. However it was rated R but was disappointing in that respect.

Day 8.

Last day. Time to go home. But not before spending some more time in the hot pools. Had to get one more in before we left.

We went home via an alternate route, that we have done before. Hiway 62 through Yucca Valley, then hiway 242 toward Victorville. However I did a slight change. I stayed on 242 at Lucerne Valley which turned north toward Barstow. Normally we head on hiway 18 through Victorville. This way we would not have to fight going through the Victorville area and I see that as a plus.

Hiway 242 had a slight hill in the middle of it but nothing bad. HOWEVER, on the downhill portion I found something interesting. On many roads you will see elevation signs at every thousand feet and normally at the summit. This road had those but it had one more. On the northbound downhill portion coming into Barstow there was an elevation sign. It read “Elevation 3305″. This sign was NOT at the summit and I found that to be a rather odd elevation to report. I have google’d it but cannot find anything about it. I have sent an email to CalTrans.

We got lunch in Barstow and pushed on.

Roxie got to drive the rig again on her favorite route:


She even pulled it into the rest area along the way. Here she is in action:

2015-01-04 15.59.45

We got home in the dark, put the trailer away and settled back into our home lives.

Click here for my Rose Parade pictures I put into Flickr.

Also our friend George sent the kissy picture to me. Note, don’t take a flash picture of a reflective jacket!: